SEO Question: Why isn’t my website indexed in Google?

SEO Question: Why isn’t my website indexed in Google?

There are numerous reasons why a website might not be indexed in Google including:

  1. Not enough quality links pointing to the website.
  2. The design of the website might make crawling and indexing difficult, typically flash and framed based websites may do this.

Firstly, I would check that the website is readable by Google, a great tool to do this is http://www.seo-browser.com/. Enter your domain name and it will display what the Google spiders see. If there are elements missing or no content at all, you will need to address the design and coding elements used.

In terms of point one, here are my top 8 points you should do when launching a website:

  • Verify the website in Webmaster Tools.
  • Submit your sitemaps.
  • Install Google Analytics.
  • Do a small amount of high quality link buidling.
  • Add your business on Twitter with a full bio and website link.
  • Submit the site to social sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon.
  • Create a free blog on WordPress, Posterous or Tumblr and start talking and linking to your site.
  • Join relevant networks to your website and start spreading the word.

A good read is the guide to creating a friendly website written by Google.

As a follow-on to the above, it may also be a technical issue:

  • Your website may have been unavailable when Google last visited the website.
  • The website might not met Google guidelines (i.e you may have a website penalty).
  • Your website may have been hacked or the server may contain a virus.

In terms of these points, you should be able to identify the problems in Google Webmaster Tools or by viewing the Google Guidelines.

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