SEO Question: How do I write the perfect title tag for SEO and Google?

Title TagSEO Question: How do I write the perfect title tag for SEO and Google?

As part of your search engine optimisation campaign, title tags (also referred to as META title tag) play a vital role when it comes to top notch rankings. Some experts say that the title tag holds as much weight as 20% towards good Google rankings for a particular keyword.

If you’re not sure what the title tag is, it is the blue text that is displayed for search results, see the example image to the right.

There are some easy steps to follow to create the perfect title tag. Let’s start with the essentials that need arranging in the title tag:

  • Company name
  • Website location (i.e. About, Services, Contact etc.)
  • Keywords

So a great example would be the title tag for my blog:

SEO Help, Advice and Tips Blog | Dave Cain

The HTML code looks like this:

<title>SEO Help, Advice and Tips Blog | Dave Cain</title>

As you can see, I’ve included my main keywords

  • Company name – Dave Cain
  • Website location – Blog
  • Keywords – SEO Help + Tips + Advice

Now there are some golden rules with title tags:

Rule 1) Include your most important keyword at the beginning

Rule 2) Only include one or two instances of your selected keyword

Rule 3) Make it read like a short sentence so it looks less spammy

Rule 3) Add the company name after the main keywords unless you are looking at reputation management, you may want to include the company name at the beginning instead.

Rule 4) Focus on one keyword area, for example, including SEO and Pizza Delivery don’t correlate.

Rule 5) Never use more than 66 characters including spaces, more on this here.

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