My top 15 SEO tweets from March 2012

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I tweet useful information around all things Google, SEO and other digital marketing news.

Below I’ve listed my top 15 tweets from the past month which you may find useful:

1. Google Analytics Blog: Measure your website’s performance with improved Site Speed reports:

2. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Video about pagination with rel=“next” and rel=“pr…

3. Unnatural Link Warnings and Blog Networks | SEOmoz via @SEOmoz

4. Creating an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing via @distilled

5. Please Help: Take + Share the 2012 SEOmoz Industry Survey | SEOmoz via @SEOmoz

6. Killer Landing Pages: 3 Examples of Landing Pages that Convert by @ebarak via @sewatch

7. Matt Cutts: Google Update To Target Overly SEO’ed Web Sites In Upcoming Weeks via @rustybrick

8. SEO & Personalization: An Evolving Relationship by @JoshuaCMcCoy via @sewatch

9. Got a Social Media Strategy? the BBC do… via @searchmartin

10. Inside Search: Video! The search quality meeting, uncut (annotated):

11. Link Building Tools We Use at Distilled | SEOmoz via @SEOmoz

12. Mobile SEO: Managing Googlebot & Your Mobile Sites by @stonetemple via @sewatch

13. @randfish: Next time someone say search/SEO is dead, use to prove ‘em wrong

14. Google Sending Notifications Of Low-Quality Pages Or Panda? via @rustybrick

15. Local Results, Link Evaluation & Freshness Signals Top Google’s February Search Updates by @DannyNMIGoodwin – @sewatch

Have you seen any digital marketing news worth mentioning? Leave your comments and links below.

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