SEO Question: What links should I remove if I’ve been affected by Google Penguin?

This weeks question is:

What links should I remove if I’ve been affected by the Google Penguin update and what links do you think will be in scope moving forward?

That’s a brilliant question and below is a list of sources you may want to review:

  • Sitewide sidebar and footer links
  • Links on low level directory sites
  • Links on sites with malware
  • Placed paid links in content
  • Mass article marketing sites – normally contain links in the signature
  • Advertorial or sponsored links
  • Websites that have been de-indexed
  • Links that appear on the same site as spammy links
  • Links coming from link wheels and networks
  • Low level self hosted blog sites -¬†typically setup with one page of content which contain anchor text heavy links

A little more information…

Below I’ve also included a video by Matt Cutts who talks about the same subject:

…and here is a great guide by Search Engine Watch.

My two pieces¬†of link building advice…

  1. is the intent of the link correct – don’t chase anchor text, make sure its a ‘natural and trusted link’
  2. make sure your backlinks are engaging as possible, ask questions, be a resource and helpful!

Do you have any thoughts? Leave your comments below…

Credit: Penguin image from SXC.hu

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