SEO Question: What is the ideal length for the title/description tags

SEO Question: I’m currently working on my new website and I’ve been reviewing what my competitors are doing. I’ve found that the META data on my competitor’s sites seem a bit excessive, what is the optimum length for the title and description tags?

Great question and something I get asked a lot. In short, a title tag should be know longer than 66 characters including spaces and the description tag should be know longer than 140 – 160 characters including spaces – these are both optimum for Google.

Here are a couple of things to remember:

  • Always include your primary keywords at the beginning of the title tag and the description tag
  • Don’t be afraid not to include your business name in either, especially if you have it in the domain name
  • Write descriptions that sells the product and explains the benefits
  • Don’t keyword stuff the description tag; include your primary word only once
  • Use dashes (-), commas(,) and pipes (|) to split terms and words in the title tag
  • Make sure all of the title and description tags are unique to page content
  • Don’t use duplicate title and descriptions tags across multi pages

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