SEO Question: Dave, I’ve noticed you’re not blogging as much, can I ask why?

I’ve had a great question come through this week which asks:

“Dave, I’ve noticed you’re┬ánot blogging as much, can I ask why?”

Many of you have noticed that my blogging efforts have slowed a little as of late and for good reason…

1) version 3 of is currently being developed and my focus is leaning more towards this – hopefully the launch will be in June / July 2013.

2) a large part of my time has been put towards testing new SEO┬ámethods and techniques – I’ve some brilliant and in-depth case studies coming soon. These will be focusing on recent Google updates, link building and much more.

Over the coming months I’m planning to get back to my old blogging levels, but in the meantime I’ve some exciting things coming to my site very soon – watch this space.

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