5 reasons why you need to write your META

Since SEO began, META tags have always played an important part. More recently, Google has dropped the META Keywords tag as an SEO signal which Bing/Yahoo still slightly favours.

Two of the elements which are still used today are the META Title and META Description tags, and in my opinion, counts towards around 20% of your on-page SEO.

Below are 5 reasons why you need to write your META and they shouldn’t be overlooked:

1) META is displayed in search results

As we all know, Google, Bing and Yahoo display 10 blue links with a description around the website, typically this description is lifted from the META description tag.

2) Good META can influence the CTR

If you have compelling META titles and descriptions, these can really help with the click through rate (CTR) from search results. I’ve also tested using symbols in the META description which saw a CTR improvement of 15%, see below:

3) META helps with keyword placement

The META title and description tags are another great way to tell Google what a page is about, mentioned in point 5,  it’s advised that the most important keywords to the page are included in these, but don’t keyword stuff.

4) Don’t reply on Google to fill in the blanks

Whilst I’ve stated to leave them blank if you don’t have the time to fill out hundreds of META descriptions and titles, can you really rely on Google to do a good enough job. Considering all the points in this post, these elements are crucial for getting the message across, enticing the visitor to click your link and search position.

5) META still helps with SEO – FACT!

As I mentioned above, I believe the META title and description counts towards around 20% of your on-page SEO. If you read any SEO help guide, this is one of the first things that is mentioned! Even in Googles SEO guide they talk about META.

The basics around META are as follow:

  • META Title – Maximum of 66 characters including spaces and important keywords near the beginning.
  • META Description – Maximum of 160 characters including spaces and mention the primary and secondary keywords once.

and finally…

So there you have it, 5 great reasons why you need to write your META. Do you have any thoughts?

Credit: Keyboard image from SXC.hu

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