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Following on from my free and very popular SEO friendly website template I created last year (which can be found here). I’ve decided to revisit this again and do an updated version.

Like version 1, version 2 consists of the following with newer features:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Testimonials page
  • Portfolio page
  • News page
  • Contact page
  • Images folder
  • External cascading style sheet
  • Social icons for easy integration
  • New colour scheme
  • Drop shadow integration

Below is a screenshot of the free template:

Within the template, you’ll need to update the following:

  • Update the title tag
  • Update the meta description
  • Update the meta keywords
  • Update the ALT text
  • Update the sitemaps
  • Update the logo
  • Update the image panel
  • Update the company name in the footer

Within the code, there are notes to make things easier to identify and everything is easier editable.

To download the new SEO friendly website template, click here.

Other notes:

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