My top 10 SEO blog posts from the past 6 months

I’ve written a fair few blog posts over the past 6 months around SEO, Google and the online marketing world. In this post I’ve listed my top 10 from 2012 so far:

1. Link Building Guide: 26 methods to help boost your search engine rankings in 2012 – Struggling with link building? Want an easy to follow guide and helpful resource? Check out my link building guide which breaks down 26 different techniques.

2. Does geotargeting in Google Webmaster Tools help? – This weeks question is does geotargeting in Google Webmaster Tools help? Click here to read more and what I’d recommend from an SEO point-of-view.

3. Copying your competitors’ backlinks, good or bad? – I was recently asked what my thoughts were around “offsetting competitors’ backlinks” – or in other words, copying what your competitors are doing.

4. META Keywords: Are they still important for SEO? – META keywords, SEO, does Google still use it, how many keywords should I include… so many questions around this tag; so let’s solve it once and for all.

5. How to SEO a PDF document – 5 simple tips – Something which you may or may not have seen is PDFs ranking within Google results. Try doing a simple Google search for ‘SEO Guide’. The first result is a PDF document.

6. 3 ways ‘Google Alerts’ can help your SEO efforts – Google Alerts is a fantastic little tool which all SEOers and webmasters can use to find new opportunities to drive SEO efforts forward.

7. Link Building Routine: How many links should I gain / build a day, a week, a month etc? – A question which has cropped up a few times recently is: How many links should I gain / build a day, a week, a month etc? Click to read my views.

8. Google Penguin Update: 10 ‘must follow’ SEO tips – Check out my top 10 SEO tips around the recent Google Webspam Update which was launched at the end of April 2012 and renamed ‘Penguin’.

9. 5 SEO tips for eCommerce product pages – Many eCommerce websites, especially the product pages, have flaws when it comes to SEO best practices. This then makes it tricky to compete for exceptional search engine rankings.

10. What are doorway pages and do they help or hurt SEO? – What are doorway pages and do they help or hurt SEO? In light of the Panda and Penguin updates over the past 18 months, this is a great question, read more here.

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