Search engines can’t find my website, why?

Search engines are always developing their algorithms and technology, since Google was launched over 10 years ago; there has been over 5 major updates.

The more the SE’s (search engines) advance in technology the better the results will become with more and more relevant content based around the search, however without the correct development and SEO campaign done on a website, there will be know known way in which search engine’s will be able to find your business / companies website.

You need to make sure the right moves are made with your development and SEO campaign, it’s the difference between being found be potential customers, clients etc or being in the deep dark realms of page ten in the search engines. It has been proven that only a very small minority, only 8%, get past page two in the search engine results.

In addition to making your website available to the major search engines, you need to make sure your have fresh, clean and original content on your website. One of the main fundamental factors of a website being ranked is quality content; this will then help get your website ranked well.

The majority of businesses through out the world have a website, whether it is a car dealership, a lawyers firm, even churches have websites! Basically your business can not afford to fall behind the times; your competitors who already have a SEO campaign running on there website already have a distinct advantage, so make sure you make this your main priority for your website and business.

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