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Following on from my recent post about related backlinks - here are a few great methods on how to quickly find websites which offer backlinks and related backlink opportunities.

Before you set out trying to find these websites, you will need to define a keyword list – the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a great place to start.

For the purpose of this post, I’m skipping the keyword research and I’m going to be concentrating on one keyterm ‘car dealers’.

Remember, all of the suggestions below should be applied to all of your keywords you have compiled.

Look for websites with certain keywords…

In terms of finding websites, this method is probably one of the best ways because words like ‘add’, ‘suggest’, ’submit’ suggests you can add a website and gain a backlink. Try Googling the terms below (replace ‘car dealers’ with your own phrase):

  • car dealers “add a url”
  • car dealers “add comment”
  • car dealers “add site”
  • car dealers “add url”
  • car dealers “discussion”
  • car dealers “post comment”
  • car dealers “submit a site”
  • car dealers “submit a url”
  • car dealers “submit site”
  • car dealers “submit url”
  • car dealers “suggest a site”
  • car dealers “suggest a url”
  • car dealers “suggest site”
  • car dealers “suggest url”

Note: Whilst doing this exercise you may come across websites wanting to trade links; my advice would be to avoid these.

Use special search query terms…

A great little feature you can use in Google is search parameters. In Google’s words:

“Google supports the use of several special query terms that allow the user or search administrator to access additional capabilities of the Google search engine”

Using these special query terms (aka parameters), you can find information around links, content, title tags and more.

Below I’ve listed a few examples (replace ‘car dealers’ with your own phrase):

  • intitle:car dealers
  • inurl:car dealers
  • allintitle:car dealers
  • allinurl:car dealers
  • allintext:car dealers
  • allinlinks:car dealers

You can find out more information about the above parameters by clicking here.

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