Out of the box link building tactics…

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Following on from my popular beginners guide to link building post, here is a great video by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz.

The video discusses 4, out of the box link building tactics:

  • CSS design galleries
  • Testimonials
  • Contact news reports
  • Turning stats and figures into articles

Check out the video below…

Following on from the first point about CSS design galleries, here is a small collection of my favourite CSS sites to submit to:

  • http://cssblast.ru
  • http://css-demo.com
  • http://cssgalaxy.com
  • http://csshazard.com
  • http://cssprincess.com
  • http://www.ceeses.com
  • http://www.creative-pakistan.com
  • http://www.cssbeauty.com
  • http://www.cssbloom.com
  • http://www.cssclip.com
  • http://www.csscollection.com
  • http://www.css-design-yorkshire.com
  • http://www.cssdrive.com
  • http://www.cssfill.com
  • http://www.cssheaven.com
  • http://www.cssimport.com
  • http://www.cssremix.com
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