My top 10 digital marketing roundup and summary posts for 2015

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good Xmas and holidays.

I wanted to finish off 2015 with a short post, highlighting just some of the blogs that I read and their roundups on the industry. Within the posts they cover SEO, social, PPC, content and much more…

Below are some brilliant roundups, insights and learning’s – enjoy! (and I look forward to seeing you all in 2016!)

1. Bruce Clay Inc - What We Learned in 2015: Your Favorite Experts Share

2. SEL - Organic Food For Thought: Our Top All Things SEO Columns For 2015

3. SEL - PPC Paydirt: Check Out Our Top Paid Search Columns Of 2015!

4. Moz - Brands That Won (and Lost) Google in 2015

5. SE Journal - Rehashing 2015: A #MarketingNerds Christmas Spectacular

6. Marketing Land - The Big Wrap-Up: The Top 10 Columns On Marketing Land In 2015

7. Econsultancy – Econsultancy’s top 25 blog posts of 2015

8. Stone Temple Consulting – Digital Marketing Challenges and Changes 2015

9. SEW – SEW’s 10 most popular articles of 2015

10. SuccessWorks – 2015’s 11 Hottest SEO Copywriting Posts

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