Mass Article Syndication: Please stop asking if this is a good strategy, the answer is ‘no’…

SEO Question: I’m looking to syndicate articles as part of our overall SEO strategy, how many times can I syndicate an article so I’m not affected by the Penguin and Panda update?

I was asked this only a week ago and whether or not this is a real and legitimate question, I’m not sure, but it makes for a good post all the same and hopefully will answer some questions which others may have.

I think the title speaks for itself, but I really wanted to be clear on a few points.

  • I never have or never will be a fan of mass article syndication – I really don’t see the value or benefits of submitting one article 50+ times to multiple low level article sites.
  • I’ve never recommended it as a ethical or white hat strategy
  • Google Penguin is after crap links and scrapper sites (this also brings into play Google Panda) – enough said!

The proof…

  • I did a small test around article syndication, submitting 50 articles targeting a niche keyword and using my domain, and the results… I saw no benefits or gains in Google.

What Matt Cutts has to say…

What makes for a good article strategy?

  • Guest blogging is a good strategy, especially if they are willing to link back to you or are willing to use Google Authorship
  • Doing one off, unique articles on relevant and highly trusted article sites is fine  (time wise, this would be a lengthy task, plus the article might be better on your website instead of someone else’s.)
  • Add unique, user focused, helpful, resourceful and factual content to your site on a weekly basis

Article marketing or however you want to coin it is tough and time consuming, writing unique content over and over again is hard and that is why a yearly content strategy is a must – this is something I tend to do and works well, plus when changes happen, you can change and adapt.

If writing one post and submitting it hundreds of times was a good way forward, we’d all be doing it, so for the last time, please stop asking if mass article syndication is a good strategy, the simple answer is ‘no’.

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