5 quick SEO tips for your LinkedIn profile

As we’ve established in my previous link building posts and guides, using all of your social sites effectively is a must.

One site you may be on is LinkedIn which can be used on many levels. I must stress that by doing these techniques, you won’t all of a sudden appear number one in Google, but these tips can add that little something extra to your overall SEO strategy and backlink profile.

1. Complete your profile:

Much like a Google Places listing, having a complete profile is very beneficial. As we all know, Google likes content, and content around links is an influencer. If you talk / explain at length what you have done in previous roles, current role, highlight keywords (specialities) and so on, these will impact the links you include in your profile – more on this later.

2. Vanity URL:

Like Facebook, Twitter and many other social profiles, you can have a vanity LinkedIn URL, typically your name is a good strategy (especially around search engine reputation management), but if this isn’t available, don’t be to concerned about adding keywords in – just don’t over do it!

3. Job Title and location:

As mentioned above, content is king and your job title can add to this, within your job title you may have your core target keywords for your website, example – designer, marketing and so on. Including your location will help also. Google will look at these on-page factors and consider these around any web links you may have, similar to point one.

4. Specialities:

Treat this element like a blogs keyword tagging system, include all the relevant keywords to you, your skills and your job - again, content is key and focusing your profile to specific areas is crucial.

5. Customise your profile links (company, blog, RSS):

Hubspot have done a great video around this, but in a nutshell you can add good anchor to your links:

Do you have any LinkedIn SEO tips? Leave your comments below.

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