Link Building Routine: How many links should I gain / build a day, a week, a month etc?

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A question which has cropped up a few times over the past 12 months is:

“How many links should I gain / build a day, a week, a month, etc?”

So there are a few different scenarios with this:

  • New websites
  • Website that are more than one year old
  • Websites with stop/start link building campaigns

But… all of these need two things:

  • Start small and build to a manageable monthly level
  • Consistency

When a new site is launched, you need to give Google time to find the site and familiarise itself with all the new content, images, structure and the like.

To send out good signals, you should really do the following:

  • Submit a sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Gain a few trusted links from social platforms
  • Add content slowly
  • Wait!

Most people new to SEO, read guides around link building and some go crazy and build loads of links, typically from poor sources.

Ask yourself this, a new site goes live and it all of a sudden gains 100+ links – does this look natural? No! With a new site you need to do this slowly and gradually, otherwise, it just looks spammy and unnatural.

Even when sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other social platforms launched – do you think these gained millions of links in a day? The simple answer is ‘no’ and over time these sites have become trusted and there link profiles have grown and grown – thus making them an authority.

To give you an example, Facebook, which launched in 2004, has 22,046,842,010 backlinks according to Majestic SEO (accurate to April 2012).

My advice would be to build links for a new site starting with 20 high quality links a month and build this up over time, eventually you may get to around 100 links per month after 9 – 12 months. At this point, keep it consistent, and only chase the quality and relevant links.

You really can’t rush link building; again, it will just look unnatural…

On the other hand, if users and customers start sharing your site, news, blog posts, etc socially, this looks natural, its highly unlikely that you could game the system with 50 different social shares.

Websites that are old or have had a facelift typically can go more aggressive, maybe start with 30 links a month and build this up to 100 links a month after 6 months. Google will recognise that the site has been around for a while and will trust the domain a little more than a new website.

If you continue to stop start on a link building campaign, I’d say not to worry to much. Try and keep a consistence, don’t go for a blast of links one month and only a couple of links a few months later. Try and maintain a manageable amount every time, i.e. 20 – 30 links per month.

Below is a video from Matt Cutts covering the same topic, notice how he talks about organic links from Twitter, Facebook, Digg and to gain backlinks naturally?

Do you have thoughts around this? Leave your comments below.

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