SEO Question: How many keywords should I target per webpage?

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SEO Question: Am I right or wrong when I say you can only target one or two keywords per webpage?

Great question! It is very easy to target one or two keywords per web page but this isn’t always a great strategy, especially if the SEO campaign consists of hundreds of keywords.

Typically, I target 3-4 terms per web page, but over the past 12 months I’ve started targeting more. Now I’m in the region of 8-12 terms per page but there are a few do’s and don’ts.


With any good SEO campaign, targeting related terms can be a great way to bulk out a campaign and gain further exposure. Here is a great example… take the keyword “Robin Hood”, I did some quick keyword research on this and found these suggested keywords:

  1. robin hood
  2. robin hood dvd
  3. robin hood 2010 review
  4. robin hood review
  5. robin hood film
  6. new robin hood film
  7. robin hood bluray
  8. robin hood rating
  9. robin hood movie

As you can see, all of the terms relate to each other, would work well as one piece of content and they would also provide good use of topic modelling.

In terms of just one aspect of the page, the META title may read:

“New Robin Hood Film on Bluray DVD (2010) | Movie Review & Rating”

As you can see, all of the keywords have been covered.

and finally…

This is just a quick example and won’t work for everything, but in my honest opinion, targeting anywhere between 4-12 terms per webpage is the best way forward.

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