Post Google Penguin: 5 backlink types you need to be chasing now

In light of the recent Google Penguin updates, link building methods and techniques have changed quite a lot. Here I’ve listed my top 5 methods which I would recommend post Google Penguin.

1. Social profile links

In my opinion, links from social profiles are the best, retrospective of the anchor text. Google knows that it would be very difficult to game 50 tweets or 100 Facebook links for example. You need to chase links on Twitter and many other social media sites, they are natural and organic in there type.

Backlink anchor type: Website URL, page or post title

2. Social bookmarking links

Gaining links from Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious and the other various social booking sites can work well. They only work well, in my opinion, from trusted and established social bookmarking profiles that have regular activity – it shows they are genuine and trusted accounts.

Backlink anchor type: Website page or post title, anchor text

3. Blog commenting

Commenting on blogs is a method that can take some time. Many webmasters will verify comments before they are set live on a post so you need to make sure your comments are of a high quality. Also the name you use will be scrutinised (as this links back to your website in most cases). So you need to make sure its real!

Backlink anchor type: Name, company name or website URL

4. Local area directories

I’m a massive fan of adding sites to local area directories such as:

  • FreeIndex
  • Yell
  • Touch Local
  • Scoot
  • Thomson
  • and many more…

You can define your business details and add a standard URL backlink. Many of these sites are reliable and highly trusted by Google, plus, it will also aid your local SEO efforts.

Backlink anchor type: Website URL, business name

5. Video creation

Many may question this, but there is a logic. Whilst you can’t have a link ‘in’ an actual video, an engaging and link worthy video that can be shared and embedded on other sites which could result in many different types of editorial and social backlinks. Thus making your backlink profile extremely varied and trusted.

Backlink anchor type: Website URL, business name, social profile name

Bonus Tip. Content creation

Yes, I know, this isn’t a backlink method as such, but writing unique, user focused, interesting and engaging content will result in shares and links back to the article thus improving backlink variation to different pages.

Notice something interesting?

1) For all of these to be done effectively and well, you can’t game the system or do these backlink methods in mass, something which Google is aware of.

2) Notice the variation in anchor text you will need to use (see backlink anchor type)? This will make your backlink profile look more natural and varied, instead of just chasing exact anchor text.

Do you have any recommended methods for link building post Google Penguin? Leave your comments below.

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4 Responses to “Post Google Penguin: 5 backlink types you need to be chasing now”

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  2. Thanks for the great tips! I’m also recommending that content creators take advantage of Google Authorship, hooking up their web content with their Google+ profile. Google has indicated that they are accumulating “trusted author” data through those hookups that at some point they may use to affect search rankings.

    Google is beginning to allow Google+ users to more closely associate their YouTube channels with their G+ profiles as well, which may help your videos contribute to your overall Google Author Rank.

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