SEO Question: What is Googles organic click-through ratio?

GoogleA great question has been posted “What is Googles organic click-through ratio?”

Another fantastic Google related question and something which is well debated in the within the search industry.

So what we are talking about here is, if I rank 10th on Google how many clicks will I get? Or, if I rank 1st on Google how many clicks will I get, and so on.

Below is a screenshot of the top ten positions on Google.co.uk for the keyword “News”.

A lot of this is dependant on the keyword, how competitive it is, whether its a broad or long tail keyword and so on, but having researched this, this is what I have found.

The figures are based on the following:

  • 20 different sets of client data taken from Google Analytics
  • A 6 month time period considered
  • Ranking reports correlating with Analytics data
  • 20 different business sectors covered
  • 300 keywords analysed

Taking all of the above into consideration, these are the averages I have discovered

  • Ranked 1st – 40%
  • Ranked 2nd - 20%
  • Ranked 3rd - 12%
  • Ranked 4th - 9%
  • Ranked 5th - 6%
  • Ranked 6th - 5%
  • Ranked 7th - 4%
  • Ranked 8th - 2%
  • Ranked 9th - 1%
  • Ranked 10th - 1%

It’s interesting to see the drop between position 1 and position 2 and from 4th onwards it really spirals. Personally I believe the drop from 4th onwards is also down to information which is below the fold. Below the fold is information you can’t see until you scroll down the page.

Notes of interest:

Whilst analysing the data I noticed a correlation between well written META titles and descriptions. The more engaging and interesting the META description was the more clicks was received, even if it was in the same position.

Also I noticed if a website was ranked without the exact match phrase in the META title or description which was searched, the clicks through rate was slightly reduced – I believe this is down to Google bolding the phrases to make them stand out more

Things to adopt:

My advice whether your in 10th or 1st would be to write an engaging META title and description, including buzz words like free, sale, offer etc which will help to increase your click-through rate (aka CTR) and grab the readers attention.

Also from an SEO point-of-view, you can see why ranking as high as you can is crucial.

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