My top 10 Google related blog posts…

GoogleOver the past 12 months I have written many posts about SEO which relate to Google. Here, I’ve decided to share my top 10 Google posts:

My top 10 Google backlink factors

With any SEO strategy, obtaining links from other sites is a crucial part. Back links work in a fashion similar to votes, the more votes you can get, the better position you’ll be in.

Googles organic click-through ratio

A great question has been posted “What is Googles organic click-through ratio?” Another fantastic Google related question and something which is well debated in the within the search industry.

Can you rank my website #1 on Google?

Great question and something I am asked on a regular basis, and although it’s a simple question to answer, backing this up with further information aimed at reassuring the client and business owners is the add-on to answering this well.

Features in Google Analytics I couldn’t live without

I’ve been using Google Analytics since 2006 and in that time I’ve seen some great changes and upgrades. Here I’ve listed my top 5 most useful aspects of Analytics and the things I couldn’t live without.

My thoughts and findings on the Google +1 button, rankings and SEO?

A really hot topic at the moment is whether or not the Google +1 button affects rankings. In this post I share my thoughts and findings.

My top 5 Google Webmaster Central videos

One thing I really like about Google is the way they share information about SEO. There are many sources online (including me) who talk about SEO and various techniques but there is nothing better than hearing it from the horses, or in this case, Googles mouth.

Why does my site keep appearing and disappearing on Google?

So a question which has come in this week is “Why does my site keep appearing and disappearing from Google?” This is a great question with a few different answers and things that can be done.

My top 10 tips on how to rank well in Google Places (aka Google Maps)

Google Places (aka Google Maps) can be a fantastic way to rank well in Google. The majority, if not all, of localised searches now displays Google Places.

My top 53 Google Chrome extensions for SEOs, designers and more…

Following on from my last Google Chrome Extensions post (published 24/01/2011), here is an updated and comprehensive list of my top 53 Google Chrome Extensions for SEOs, designers, bloggers, developers and more.

Using Google and the tilde (~) symbol to source new keywords/variations…

Doing keyword research is a task which can take a lot of time to perform, there are some great tools out there to aid this.

If you’ve got an SEO question relating to Google, why not post it here.

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