Google Adwords: My top 5 ‘must do’ tips for complete beginners

Google AdwordsI blog a lot about search engine optimisation, and for a change, I thought I’d blog about Google Adwords (aka Google Pay-Per-Click or Google PPC) and share some of my top tips for complete beginners.

If you are unsure what is Google Adwords or pay-per-click is, I’d advise that you read this handy Google Adwords guide.

For those of you who are familiar with the platform, here are 5 simple but effective tips to make your Adwords campaign run more efficiently.

1. Use different keyword match types

There is a lot to be said about different keyword types and how they work, below is a great infographic with examples (I’d highly recommend that you study this closely and check out there blog post noted in the source below).

(Source: WebRanking.com)

2. Find negative keywords

Depending on your keyword type, many different phrases could trigger your ads. Many sure you check what these phrases and words are as some might not be relevant.

Every couple of days I would suggest that you review what users searched and what keywords triggered your ad’s. You’ll quickly find keywords that have no relevance to your business or aren’t the right target market. You can define negative keywords account wide, campaign level or ad-group level.

3. Run multiple ads

With each ad-group, don’t just run one ad, run up to 3 and test different headlines, ad copy and display URLs. Remember to keep your eye on these and keep testing so to improve your click through rates (CTR).

4. Optimise your landing pages

Make sure you have specific landing pages for your keywords, campaigns and ad-groups. Don’t just send everything to the homepage, make the users experience is the best it can be and give them what they have searched for. This will help them with there enquiry and buying decisions, not forgetting the Quality Score within your Adwords account.

5. Track everything

Make sure you have made a connection with Adwords and Analytics, then track everything possible using goals, eCommerce data, and custom alerts. Just because a keyword looks to be performing well, has it every generated a sale or enquiry?

Pro Tip: Don’t delete or modify keywords or ad’s

As it says, don’t delete or modify keywords or ad’s, you will lose valuable data if you do! Pause the keywords and ad’s and just archive them accordingly.

Final thought…

Remember to keep testing and optimising your Adwords campaign(s), every click costs you money!

Over the coming months I’ll be writing further Google Adwords blog posts, so be sure to check back soon or subscribe to my RSS feed.

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