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Free website template for SEOOne of the things I’ve mentioned a lot in my previous posts is about great foundations to build a search engine optimisation campaign upon.

When I say “great foundations”, here are just a few pointers:

  • cleanly coded website
  • works across all browsers
  • loads fast
  • access to sitemaps from every page
  • optimised images
  • clearly labelled headers
  • constant styling across the site

Now for the first time I have created a simple HTML/CSS SEO friendly website template for you to utilise either for personal or business use.

–> Download your FREE SEO friendly website template (zip file), click here…

The website consists of the following:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Testimonials page
  • Contact page
  • Images folder
  • 4 unique sitemaps for SEO
  • External cascading style sheet

SEO friendly website template

Here are a few things you may/will want to change:

  • Background colour
  • Text colour
  • Link colours
  • Header colours
  • Website pages
  • Website text
  • Internal website links

With the template, there are some must do’s on every page:

  • Update the title tag
  • Update the meta description
  • Update the meta keywords
  • Update the ALT text
  • Update the sitemaps
  • Update the phone number
  • Update the email address
  • Update the Logo image
  • Update the Header image
  • Update or remove the VAT number
  • Update or remove the Company number
  • Update or remove the registered address

Please leave the links in the footer back to my website to help spread the word and so others can download the template for free.

If you have any further questions about the template or need some advice after downloading it, please leave your comments below.

–> Download your FREE SEO friendly website template (zip file), click here…

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