Do I really need an SEO campaign? You’d be quackers not to…

From my experience 85%+ of website traffic is driven by the major search engines on the Internet, these include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL (AOL’s search engine is actually powered by Google).

From various projects and websites I have worked on, Google is always the top referring search engine with an average of 90% of traffic being generated. As the saying goes just, ‘Google it’. The next major player is Yahoo with 3%, which you can see is a big drop compared to Google. Next in line is Bing and AOL with about 2.5% each, then Ask with 1%, and then the other search engines like Alta Vista with a further 1% referral rate.

If your website is not optimised for the major search engines you may be missing out on a massive amount of traffic and sales each day. Can you imagine massive corporate companies not utilising there website to gain more business? It just sounds ridiculous! And this theory should be applied to your business, why risk losing that one potential customer. Nearly all internet users are searching for information, products or services; don’t let your competition get a head of you.

Search queries, or in other terms, the words or phrases that people search for (for example – SEO Nottingham) which are best suited to your site, carry colossal worth to your website. It has been proven that search engine traffic can make or break a website or even a business. Making an investment in to search engine optimisation can provide your business exposure which can result in massive returns in investment.

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