My top 24 SEO posts from 2011

Dave Cain SEOWhat a year – a lot has changed over the past 12 months:

  • Google Panda
  • Bing powering Yahoo search
  • Google+
  • Google redesigns
  • Freshness update
  • Diaspora
  • to many to mention…

Over that time I’ve had the opportunity to share many helpful guides and tips around search engine optimisation – below I’ve listed my top 24 SEO posts from the past 12 months:

  1. Google Panda UK Update (aka Google Farmer)
  2. What is ‘meta name robots content noodp’?
  3. How to Beat the Google Panda Update
  4. What is Googles Organic Click-Through Ratio?
  5. My Top 53 Google Chrome Extensions
  6. Video SEO: 3 Step Approach to SEOing Video Content
  7. Uploading Web Content with SEO in Mind
  8. My Top 10 SEO Tips for Bing
  9. SEO for Startups – My Top 10 Tips
  10. LDA / Topic Modelling for SEO & Content
  11. 37 Points your Website needs to be SEO Friendly
  12. How to Source Keywords – 10 Simple Tips
  13. Nofollow Links: Good or Bad for SEO?
  14. How to Rank Well in Google Places (10 Simple Tips)
  15. Daily SEO Tasks You Should Be Doing
  16. Does the Google +1 Button Affect Rankings / SEO?
  17. Breadcrumb Links: Good or Bad for SEO?
  18. Is Hidden Text Bad for SEO?
  19. How to Build 10 Quality Backlinks in 15 Minutes
  20. Can External DoFollow Links Hurt a Websites SEO?
  21. How Many Keywords Should I Target Per Webpage?
  22. SEO for Different Languages, Countries & Search Engines
  23. Beginners Guide to Link Building
  24. How to Quickly Identify Websites that offer Backlinks

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of my posts over the past 12 months and expect more SEO tips and helpful guides in 2012.

This post was written by , Dave is a digital marketer specialising in SEO and PPC, and can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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