Daily SEO tasks you need to be doing in 2013…

This weeks questions comes off the back of a post I wrote in 2011 around daily SEO tasks.

“Hi Dave, I read your post around daily SEO tasks and I was  wondering what you have changed now we have Google Panda and Penguin in place?”

This is a great question and one I’m really keen to answers, so on a daily basis I do the following:

Read, read, read, and then read again – It’s important to stay close to a changing landscape, and I will typically spend 30 minutes a day going through a number of sites, many of which can be found here.

Google Webmaster Tools – Check this for any website problems, recommendations or messages around outages and the like.

Client work – Regular tweaks, amends and improvements to on-page elements and off-page engagement and link sourcing is crucial.

Socialise and engage – Twitter, Quora, Google+, all great places to connect and see what others are seeing and saying.

Algorithm checks – I use Mozcast and Algoroo to check for daily turbulence in algorithm changes.

Backlink analysis – Due to Penguin updates, I regularly check Ahrefs and Google Webmaster Tools for changes and updates.

Competitor analysis – I believe it’s important to watch what other around you are doing and I’ll do regular on-page and off-page competitor checks.

Content updates – Keep on top of content calendars and fill any dead time with content creation and curation.

Stats overview – Check Analytics and any other stats package you for any issues and improvements.

To find out more around tools mentioned in in this post, click here to view what SEO tools I use.

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