SEO Question: If I’m doing my own SEO, what should I do on a daily basis?

SEO Question: If I’m doing my own SEO, what should I do on a daily basis?

Great question, and something I’ve been asked many times. If you confident enough in doing your own SEO and understand the basics than these are the tasks you should be doing on a daily basis:

1. Link building – depending on the keyword and competitiveness I’d recommend anywhere between 5 – 40 links per day.

2. Networking with like-minded people on social networks and forums. These people can help spread the word about your website.

3. Check your website code, make amendments and increase the general speed of your website.

4. Evaluate what competitors are doing (i.e. check where they are getting links from).

5. Write great content, either on your website with general updates or using your blog.

6. If you are making changes to your website, update your sitemaps and send out pings either with or

7. Add your business to business networks and keep this information updated.

8. Optimise any images you add to your website to keep loading times down.

9. Check your statistics package (i.e. Google Analytics’s) for any spikes in traffic, new keyword searches or referring sites. From this you can start to target specific areas in your niche.

10. Read daily doses of SEO and social news to keep you up-to-speed with new developments and trends.

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3 Responses to “SEO Question: If I’m doing my own SEO, what should I do on a daily basis?”

  1. Greg Holbert says:

    This list is very similar to my own daily list, but I focus more on link building and less on my actual site. I’ll add a few of these site building exercises to really get the most out of my site! Thanks for the extra tips, and keep up the great writing!

  2. Ant Hodges says:

    Great post… Even with the recent changes made by Google it is still a great list.

    > Greg: Linbuilding should not be your primary focus. Content is now more than king with the recent updates and also social syndication. Your site’s authority will be gauged on high value content and social signals all the more now

  3. Oliver says:

    Thank you For this post I will be using this list on my new website every day. I will also be using Twitter and Facebook regularly to keep my social profile up to date.

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