SEO Question – “Is £50 a month for SEO a good deal?” (I’ll give you a clue, no!)

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Recently I was asked:

“Is £50 a month for SEO a good deal?”

This is a great question and one of the biggest problems with SEO is smoke and mirrors.

Unfortunately there are still many SEO companies and freelancers that still operate using underhand techniques, don’t provide monthly reports, don’t give details around the work that is carried out, and so on.

From my own personal experience, the above types of companies and freelancers charge very small fees. Whilst the fee make look attractive, a good agency or freelancer honestly can’t do SEO on a shoestring budget.

SEO involves so many different areas from UX, on-page updates, outreach, social media and the like.

If you are serious about SEO, I’d suggest you’d expect to pay a minimum of £250 per month – this will give whoever you appoint the opportunity and time to cover these areas well around a pre agreed strategy and/or targets.

Listed below are some help guides and resources around the pitfalls of cheap SEO and questions to ask before you appoint a supplier:

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