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My top 53 Google Chrome Extensions for SEOs, Designers and more…

New Google Chrome LogoFollowing on from my last Google Chrome Extensions post (published 24/01/2011), here is an updated and comprehensive list of my top 53 Google Chrome Extensions for SEOs, designers, bloggers, developers and more.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):


My top 37 points your website needs from the offset to be SEO friendly…


Read my top 37 points your website needs from the offset to be SEO friendly…


SEO Question: If I’m doing my own SEO, what should I do on a daily basis?

SEO Question: If I’m doing my own SEO, what should I do on a daily basis?

Great question, and something I’ve been asked many times. If you confident enough in doing your own SEO and understand the basics than these are the tasks you should be doing on a daily basis:

1. Link building – depending on the keyword and competitiveness I’d recommend anywhere between 5 – 40 links per day.


How Twitter helps with SEO and the 17 signals to look for and adopt…

Twitter for SEOI was recently asked if social helps with SEO, and the simple answer is yes. For a SEOer to ignore social media would be like a SEOer ignoring link building.

From my findings and research there are a quite a few signals to look for while using social media. Today’s post is specifically going to focus on Twitter, but please bear in mind that social media isn’t just about Twitter and Facebook, there are hundreds of great channels out there to get you going.


My top 5 SEOmoz Whiteboard Fridays of 2010…

Roger SEOmozIn my opinion, and I’m sure nearly every SEOer would agree, SEOmoz is the king of all things SEO help and resources which includes the great Whiteboard Fridays.

Now, I’ve been watching the Whiteboard Friday videos for years and they just get better and better. So here are my top 5 SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday videos of 2010.

Video 1) Building a monthly SEO action plan

Video 2) The basics of Local SEO

Video 3) 5 ways to use your social profiles for SEO

Video 4) Discussing LDA and SEO

Video 5) Top 10 things we learned about SEO in 2010


Why your business should be on Twitter

TwitterNow you will have heard a lot about Twitter, Facebook is better etc, but here are 11 top reasons why you can’t avoid twitter for business:


The beginners guide to link building

Link Building[Before you read this, check out my new guide to link building here]

So one of the major parts of search engine optimisation (SEO) is link building, and unfortunately it’s a timely task, but if you want those good Google rankings it is a must.

There are a few golden rules with link building to follow:


Using social media for SEO and better rankings

A large part of search engine optimisation (SEO) is about gaining links (link building) which point back to your website.

Now, I’m sure you are aware directory link building isn’t as good as it was a few years ago and the big G puts a lot of weight on trusted and established domains, so what better way to do link building using the powers of social media?


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