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SEO Question: What links should I remove if I’ve been affected by Google Penguin?

This weeks question is:

What links should I remove if I’ve been affected by the Google Penguin update and what links do you think will be in scope moving forward?

That’s a brilliant question and below is a list of sources you may want to review:

  • Sitewide sidebar and footer links
  • Links on low level directory sites
  • Links on sites with malware
  • Placed paid links in content
  • Mass article marketing sites – normally contain links in the signature
  • Advertorial or sponsored links
  • Websites that have been de-indexed
  • Links that appear on the same site as spammy links
  • Links coming from link wheels and networks
  • Low level self hosted blog sites - typically setup with one page of content which contain anchor text heavy links


My top 10 most helpful blog posts, videos and guides around content creation, marketing and best practices in 2013…

A nice simple and short post this week. As we know content has always been and always will be ‘king’ when it comes to digital marketing.

Content best practices continues to change, especially over the past 18 months.

Below I’ve listed 10 very helpful blog posts, videos and guides which go over many common questions, advise on strategy and how to start out.

Google Webmaster Help
Should I incorporate synonyms for important terms into my site?


Content and copywriting Q&A with Chris Lomas of Clear Comms…

Clear CommsAs I’ve blogged about time and time again, content really is king when it comes to SEO, in the Q&A, Chris shares lots of helpful tips, resources and advice around copywriting and all things content.

Hi Chris, thanks for doing this interview, tell us a little about yourself and how you got into all things content writing and B2B / B2C copywriting?

Hi Dave, thanks for the opportunity.

So, a bit about me… I’ve been writing professionally for the best part of 20 years now. First as an Editorial Consultant for Drain Trader Magazine – as featured on a very early edition of Have I Got News For You; then as a freelance copywriter. I was enticed out of freelancing by a role as Senior Copywriter at a big copywriting agency in Nottingham.


Stop and listen, unique content is a ‘must have’ if you want to rank well…

Just one of the tasks an SEO faces is getting a client to commit to writing copy for a site. Over the years, many would copy text and pass it off as there own, but then… the Google Panda came along.

What this has done is force all website owners and webmasters into writing compelling content if they want to retain there rankings and progress over time.

Below I’ve listed some buzz words which might be helpful when do the above:


5 new Google Webmaster videos you may have missed and need to watch…

It’s that time again, Matt Cutts has been answering your questions…

Over the past month or two, 20 new videos have been added which cover a wide range of topics from parked domains, duplicate content issues and to paid links.

To view more of the help videos, click here to visit the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel.


SEO in 2013, what do you want to know…

With 2013 just around the corner, your probably starting to think about your digital marketing strategy for the next 12 months.

You may be asking yourself:

  • Could I be utilising other social platforms?
  • Am I targeting the right keywords?
  • How do I plan a content strategy?
  • What tools should I be using?
  • Do I need online reputation management?
  • Should I consider Google Adwords?


10 super quick and simple local SEO tips you’ve got to adopt today…

As we know, local SEO is becoming more and more important within a large proportion of digital marketing strategies.

I get asked about this a lot and there are some simple things that can be done which will make a big difference.

Below I’ve listed my top 10 super quick tips:


SEO Question: Directory link building, is it still worth doing?

This weeks SEO question is:

Is it still worth getting my company listed on standard web directories? I know that this should only form part of our overall strategy, but is it worth doing at all?

Great question and in a nutshell, I would say no.

Most web directories run off scripts, and as long as you meet the websites criteria, your link will be accepted, this in itself doesn’t sound to bad but when they are spammed and not managed correctly, that’s what makes these types of sites poor, low quality and not user friendly in Google’s eyes.


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