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10 brilliant PPC articles I read last month (and you should too)…

Along with SEO, I’m a big fan of paid advertising via Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like.

In my opinion, to market a company well online, you need to use every channel and reach out to every customer possible retrospective of where your customers are online, paid advertising can be a great way of doing this.

Below are 10 brilliant PPC articles worth reading:


My top 20 SEO, PPC and digital marketing tweets from August 2013…

TwitterAugust 2013 was a great month for digital marketing updates from some of the bigger players such as MOZ, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land to name just a few.

We also saw some new additions announced and videos from Matt Cutts of Google

Listed  are my top 20 updates which are well worth a read, bookmark and implementation into your own online marketing campaign.

If you’re looking for a list of websites to follow and read, check out my list of recommend sources here. Also, don’t forget to give me a follow @DaveCainSEO.


Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: 7 super useful articles that you need to read today…

Google Adwords

As you are probably well aware, Google has now upgraded all Adwords campaigns to ‘Enhanced’.

In short, Enhanced campaigns now give you more control with targeting, bid control, sitelinks and much more.

Below I’ve listed my super 7 ‘must read’ Google Adwords Enhanced blog posts:

1. Enhanced Campaigns D-Day Is Less Than a Week Away – Are You Prepared? via Wordstream


My top 10 digital marketing posts from 2012…

Well another year is nearly over and it only seems like 5 minutes ago since I did a similar post in 2011.

Let me know which you enjoyed and also what you’d like to see more of in 2013.

So here we have it, my top 10 SEO and digital marketing posts from 2012:


Google Adwords: My top 5 ‘must do’ tips for complete beginners

Google AdwordsI blog a lot about search engine optimisation, and for a change, I thought I’d blog about Google Adwords (aka Google Pay-Per-Click or Google PPC) and share some of my top tips for complete beginners.

If you are unsure what is Google Adwords or pay-per-click is, I’d advise that you read this handy Google Adwords guide.

For those of you who are familiar with the platform, here are 5 simple but effective tips to make your Adwords campaign run more efficiently.


10 simple tips on how to source keywords…

Image from

When starting a new SEO campaign, it’s imperative to have a great collection of keywords to target. When I say a great collection of keywords, I would suggest you target the following:

  • Business name
  • Local terms
  • Broad terms
  • Long tail terms

Here are my top 10 tips to sourcing keywords for your campaign:


My top 5 SEOmoz Whiteboard Fridays of 2010…

Roger SEOmozIn my opinion, and I’m sure nearly every SEOer would agree, SEOmoz is the king of all things SEO help and resources which includes the great Whiteboard Fridays.

Now, I’ve been watching the Whiteboard Friday videos for years and they just get better and better. So here are my top 5 SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday videos of 2010.

Video 1) Building a monthly SEO action plan

Video 2) The basics of Local SEO

Video 3) 5 ways to use your social profiles for SEO

Video 4) Discussing LDA and SEO

Video 5) Top 10 things we learned about SEO in 2010


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