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15 digital marketing tweets from May 2015 worth reading and sharing…

TwitterMay 2015 was a brilliant month for insights, information sharing and more.

Just some of the areas and hot tops that were discussed include:

  • YouTube marketing
  • Goolge ‘Buy Now’ button
  • Google Analytics URL Tracking
  • Voice Search
  • On-Page SEO
  • and much more…


My top 60+ digital marketing tweets from 2014…

2014 was another big year for digital marketing which saw lots of change including:

  • Penguin updates
  • Instgram growth
  • New Adwords additions
  • Content strategies
  • New ranking signals
  • and much more…


6 SEO, PPC & Social tools I’ve started using which have saved me lots of time…

Following on my last post around digital marketing tools - below I’ve shard some new tools which I’ve just started using and proved to be very helpful and great for time saving.


20 SEO, PPC and social media tweets from June 2014 not to be missed…

TwitterJune 2014, saw a stellar month for information sharing, Google updates, social media news and the like.

Just some of the areas covered in the tweets include:

  • Facebook’s organic reach
  • Smartphone redirects
  • Instagram
  • Negative SEO
  • Adwords Video Ads
  • and many more…


Warning! Cold callers pretending to be Google…

Google LogoThis is just a quick blog post to act as a warning to all businesses…

Recently I’ve heard one or two stories of companies cold calling businesses pretending to be Google.


6 digital marketing tools I’ve used a lot in 2014…

Daily I use some the leading digital marketing tools available. From Moz to Raven Tools, they really do make the difference when it comes to shaping an online marketing campaign.


120 digital marketing posts from @sengineland that truly rocked in 2013 (and if you’ve not read them yet, you must!)

SE LandTime and time again I’ve talked about reading and staying on top of digital marketing trends and changes.

One of my favourite sources for news and information this year has been Search Engine Land, below is a quote from their site:


3 paid business solutions Google could start to offer (includes illustrations)…

I’ve long been a fan of all things Google, from Gmail to Google Play, everything is well thought out and works well.

And the same can be said with their advertising platforms such as Adwords, Google+ and YouTube to name just a few.


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