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Information Search Engines Look For & Trust

The internet is a wash with information about everything from aardvarks to the film Zulu. As the various search engines crawl over your website they will look at two aspects which help greatly to get your site ranked, site links and content (which I can’t stress enough is so important).

Once they have found these two main attributes then will then look at all of the descriptive information about each page on your website. The algorithms are that now that advanced they will be able to determine whether or not your website and content is relevant for users that may do a search based around your website.


Document and Link Analysis

As mentioned in a previous post, one of the key components to any website is unique and quality content.

When Google crawls your website it will analysis the content available on each page and look for certain keywords which in turn will make the page rank for that particular keyword term. It will look at many different areas of the page including:


Search engines can’t find my website, why?

Search engines are always developing their algorithms and technology, since Google was launched over 10 years ago; there has been over 5 major updates.

The more the SE’s (search engines) advance in technology the better the results will become with more and more relevant content based around the search, however without the correct development and SEO campaign done on a website, there will be know known way in which search engine’s will be able to find your business / companies website.


SEO Question: What is the ideal length for the title/description tags

SEO Question: I’m currently working on my new website and I’ve been reviewing what my competitors are doing. I’ve found that the META data on my competitor’s sites seem a bit excessive, what is the optimum length for the title and description tags?

Great question and something I get asked a lot. In short, a title tag should be know longer than 66 characters including spaces and the description tag should be know longer than 140 – 160 characters including spaces – these are both optimum for Google.


SEO Question: Should I use the META description tag on my CMS

SEO Question: I recently commissioned a web design agency to build my new site using a bespoke content management system (CMS).

Being extremely happy with the system I noticed a problem in the search engine result pages (SERPs) – the description for every page was the same!

So I got in touch with the web design agency and they said the description tag was fixed across the site, so it couldn’t be changed individually, what do I do, keep the tag or lose it all together?


10 super quick on-page SEO tips for Google

I’m absolutely 100% certain that if you mention Google to somebody they will know what it is, and with the big G commanding 85% UK market share and 70% worldwide share over the other search engines, it’s easy to see why.

Below you will find 10 super quick on-page SEO tips for Google:

Tip #1: Use no more than 66 characters maximum (including spaces) in the Meta title. I’ve found 60 or less works best.


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