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Hyphens in URLs: Good or bad for SEO?


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A long standing debate is whether or not hypens in domains are a good thing or a bad thing.

Below is an example of two alternatives: or

So what do the experts say?

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz recently answered this question:


SEO Question: Is link juice passed via the HTML head section and/or jQuery plugins?

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This weeks SEO question is:

When you include links to other domains in your head (<head></head>) section in order to get JavaScript libraries, etc., do you bleed off a certain amount of “link juice” to those domains or does Google somehow treat the section differently?

Another good example is using something like the jQuery Flickr Gallery, which goes to Flickr for a photoset and then generates (on the fly) a whole series of links to to get the images you want to display.


SEO Question: Can external DoFollow links hurt a websites SEO?

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Here is a great question that was recently submitted:

“Many blogs allow DoFollow links with comments. Can these links ever hurt the Blog’s SEO? And if so, under what circumstances?”

Personally, I think the short answer to this is yes. If you have a trusted blog that is linking out to off-topic and low trusted websites with DoFollow, Google may start to query the external linking strategy and trustworthiness of the blog – thus affecting rankings as trust is one of the major factors, see this previous post.


SEO Question: Is hidden text bad for SEO?

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A recent question that has been submitted via my questions page is  ”hidden text – is this good or bad for SEO?”

Great question and this really splits into two parts:

1. Black hat SEO:

The first part is using black hat SEO techniques to hide text, these could include:


Breadcrumb Links: Good or bad for SEO and keyword placement?

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A question I was recently asked was “are there any advantages with breadcrumb links for SEO and keyword placement?”

So what are breadcrumb links?

Wikipedia gives a great explanation:

Breadcrumbs typically appear horizontally across the top of a web page, usually below title bars or headers. They provide links back to each previous page the user navigated through to get to the current page or – in hierarchical site structures – the parent pages of the current one.


Keyword Density: Is it still important when writing quality web content?

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Something which has been highly debated over the past few years is whether or not keyword density affects Google rankings.

So what is keyword density?

Wikipedia gives a great explanation:

“Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of SEO, keyword density can be used as a factor to determine whether or not a webpage is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.”


Footer Links: Do they still help with SEO?

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This weeks question is “Do footer links still help with SEO?”

What are footer links?

Footer links are typically a collection of internal or external links at the end of a web page.

These can consist of general information about the company, products, categories, sitemaps, legal information and more.


My top 10 SEO tips for startups…

StartupStarting a new business and promoting it online against well established companies and websites can be a tricky task.

Here are my top 10 tips to give your new website a boost in the search engines.

1. Start your SEO before the website is launched and use something like


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