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5 search engine optimisation (SEO) mistakes big brands and enterprise level businesses are still making (and need to fix now)…

Having worked at an enterprise level in the SEO sector, I’ve seen many flaws around strategy, tools, knowledge, perceptions and in general, good SEO practice.

In this post I’ll be touching on the top 5 SEO areas that need to be avoided at enterprise or big brand level.


7 super and new Google Webmaster videos from Matt Cutts which are well worth a watch…

Over the past few months Matt Cutts of Google has does another great collection of videos over on Youtube.

In this post I’ve listed my ‘super 7′ from the past few months and in the videos Matt talks about the following areas;


Bing Webmaster Tools – 5 great reasons why you should be using it as part of your search campaign…

I’ve been a long term user of Google Webmaster Tools. Along with Analytics, its a brilliant tool to gather further data and insights into your site.

But what about the other search engines? What other alternatives are there?


Daily SEO tasks you need to be doing in 2013…

This weeks questions comes off the back of a post I wrote in 2011 around daily SEO tasks.

“Hi Dave, I read your post around daily SEO tasks and I was  wondering what you have changed now we have Google Panda and Penguin in place?”

This is a great question and one I’m really keen to answers, so on a daily basis I do the following:

Read, read, read, and then read again – It’s important to stay close to a changing landscape, and I will typically spend 30 minutes a day going through a number of sites, many of which can be found here.


SEO Question: What SEO tools do you use and recommend?

SEO ToolsGreat question this week:

“What SEO software do you recommend for auditing websites, link checker, keyword?”

Check out my recommendations below:

Keyword Research Tools


Copying your competitors’ backlinks, good or bad?


Image from SXC.hu

I was recently asked what my thoughts were around “offsetting competitors’ backlinks” – or in other words, copying what your competitors are doing.

As an SEO, one of the first things I and many other SEOs do is review the backlink profiles for competitors’ websites and review things such as anchor text, link source, relevance and so. But, looking at the longevity of link building and how this may be viewed by the search engines, it could actually cause more harm than good.


Link Building Guide: 26 methods to help boost your search engine rankings in 2012…

Image from SXC.hu

Following on from my very popular beginners guide to link building post which I wrote in January 2011, I’ve decided to revisit this again and create an updated version which also provides a link building effectiveness score.

A lot of the same areas are covered with newer and in-depth information provided.

My 3 golden link building rules still apply:


My top 10 SEO tips for startups…

StartupStarting a new business and promoting it online against well established companies and websites can be a tricky task.

Here are my top 10 tips to give your new website a boost in the search engines.

1. Start your SEO before the website is launched and use something like http://launchrock.com


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