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SEO Basics – 7 Super Meta Title & Description Articles

The meta title and meta description have probably been one of the longest serving attributes towards SEO.

These 2 attributes are the first thing that a user will see within natural results and act as your shop window to entice the user to click.


META Keywords: Are they still important for SEO?

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META keywords, SEO, does Google still use it, how many keywords should I include… so many questions around this tag; so let’s solve it once and for all.

So what is it?

Wikipedia defines the tag as follows:

The keywords attribute was popularized by search engines such as Infoseek and AltaVista in 1995, and its popularity quickly grew until it became one of the most commonly used meta elements. You can read more here.


What does ‘content noodp’ mean…

DmozI was asked the question, what does the following mean? <meta name=”robots” content=”noodp”>

Well in some instances, if you have been fortunate enough to have been included into http://www.dmoz.org/, Google will use the title and description from this website instead of your own details on the ranking pages.

By adding the above tag into the “head” section, it will force Google to use your Meta information. Once you have added the tag, it usually will take affect on the next crawl/cache.


SEO Question: How do I write the perfect title tag for SEO and Google?

Title TagSEO Question: How do I write the perfect title tag for SEO and Google?

As part of your search engine optimisation campaign, title tags (also referred to as META title tag) play a vital role when it comes to top notch rankings. Some experts say that the title tag holds as much weight as 20% towards good Google rankings for a particular keyword.


SEO Question: What is the ideal length for the title/description tags

SEO Question: I’m currently working on my new website and I’ve been reviewing what my competitors are doing. I’ve found that the META data on my competitor’s sites seem a bit excessive, what is the optimum length for the title and description tags?

Great question and something I get asked a lot. In short, a title tag should be know longer than 66 characters including spaces and the description tag should be know longer than 140 – 160 characters including spaces – these are both optimum for Google.


SEO Question: Should I use the META description tag on my CMS

SEO Question: I recently commissioned a web design agency to build my new site using a bespoke content management system (CMS).

Being extremely happy with the system I noticed a problem in the search engine result pages (SERPs) – the description for every page was the same!

So I got in touch with the web design agency and they said the description tag was fixed across the site, so it couldn’t be changed individually, what do I do, keep the tag or lose it all together?


10 super quick on-page SEO tips for Google

I’m absolutely 100% certain that if you mention Google to somebody they will know what it is, and with the big G commanding 85% UK market share and 70% worldwide share over the other search engines, it’s easy to see why.

Below you will find 10 super quick on-page SEO tips for Google:

Tip #1: Use no more than 66 characters maximum (including spaces) in the Meta title. I’ve found 60 or less works best.


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