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5 features in Google Analytics I couldn’t live without

I’ve been using Google Analytics since 2006 and in that time I’ve seen some great changes and upgrades.

Below I’ve listed my top 5 most useful aspects of Analytics and the things I couldn’t live without.


Keyword Density: Is it still important when writing quality web content?

Image from SXC.hu

Something which has been highly debated over the past few years is whether or not keyword density affects Google rankings.

So what is keyword density?

Wikipedia gives a great explanation:

“Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. In the context of SEO, keyword density can be used as a factor to determine whether or not a webpage is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.”


My top 5 Google Webmaster Central videos…

GoogleOne thing I really like about Google is the way they share information about SEO.

There are many sources online (including me) who talk about SEO and various techniques but there is nothing better than hearing it from the horses, or in this case, Googles mouth.


My top 10 Google Backlink Factors…

Link Building

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With any SEO strategy, obtaining links from other sites is a crucial part.

Links work in a similar fashion to votes, the more votes you can get, the better position you’ll be in. But saying that, not all links work the same. Below I have listed the 10 backlink factors that Google looks for in a good link.


Nofollow Links: Good or Bad for SEO?

Image from SXC.hu

This weeks question is “are nofollow links any good for SEO?” Another great question which has been a hot topic in the search industry.

So what is nofollow…

Wikipedia gives this great explanation:

“nofollow is a value that can be assigned to the rel attribute of an HTML a element to instruct some search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target’s ranking in the search engine’s index. It is intended to reduce the effectiveness of certain types of search engine spam, thereby improving the quality of search engine results and preventing spamdexing from occurring.”


3 step approach to video SEO…

Image from SXC.hu

Video has become a major part of our online lives, from watching music videos to past sporting events – nearly every topic imaginable can be watched!

Now, video is becoming an ever increasing must have for any website and can be used as a SEO strategy. Simply uploading a video to YouTube and crossing your fingers for it to rank well in Google is a familiar story and unfortunately won’t work (unless you are targeting an ultra long tail key phrase).


Whats the difference between the bounce rate and exit rate in Google Analytics?

A question I have been asked many times is – whats the difference between bounce and exit rates in Google Analytics?

Bounce rate:

The bounce rate is the percentage of users that visit your site and leave from the entrance page.

Typically a high bounce rate suggests that your web visitors are only viewing a single page and leaving. A high bounce rate is not a great thing because you want your website users to view more than one page.


SEO Question: What is Googles organic click-through ratio?

GoogleA great question has been posted “What is Googles organic click-through ratio?”

Another fantastic Google related question and something which is well debated in the within the search industry.

So what we are talking about here is, if I rank 10th on Google how many clicks will I get? Or, if I rank 1st on Google how many clicks will I get, and so on.


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