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SEO Question: How do you structure a website correctly for SEO purposes?

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Another great SEO question around site structure:

“I’m currently redesigning my website – the old structure of the website was  The new files are basically the same, but index.php. Am I best having them top level rather than in a subfolder?  So Will it make a difference?

On a similar note, I’ve seen sites where extensions aren’t used/visible at all – is this done with code in an .htaccess and is it of benefit too?”


SEO Question: Does geotargeting in Google Webmaster Tools help?

Webmaster ToolsThis week we’ve had a great question around Google Webmaster Tools and geo-targeting:

“I’m running a website with the Webmaster Tool geo-location set to United States – but it was by mistake. I’m getting better rankings in compared to and I’ve now set the country to United Kingdom.

I want to know will it affect the rankings on, if yes, how long will it take and/or what should I do to achieve better ranking in”


Link Building Guide: 26 methods to help boost your search engine rankings in 2012…

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Following on from my very popular beginners guide to link building post which I wrote in January 2011, I’ve decided to revisit this again and create an updated version which also provides a link building effectiveness score.

A lot of the same areas are covered with newer and in-depth information provided.

My 3 golden link building rules still apply:


My thoughts and findings on the Google +1 button and whether or not it affects rankings and SEO… [Updated Results]

A really hot topic at the moment is whether or not the Google +1 button affects rankings.

So what is the +1 button?

Google gives this short but great explanation:

“The +1 button is shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.

Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1′s can help friends, contacts, and others on the web find the best stuff when they search.”


Google + Trust – what does it mean?

Something which I’ve blogged about a lot over the past 12 months is ‘trust’.

Trust is a big factor when it comes to SEO and I wrote a post a few months back explaining what Google looks for in terms of linking signals. In this post I covered many areas including:

  • Age
  • Domain
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • PageRank
  • Links
  • Content
  • and more…


SEO Question: How can I use content as a method to build backlinks?


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SEO Question: I recently read in your blog post with Barry Schwartz that using content for link building is a great method – how can this be?

Great question and I must say that I agree with Barry’s comments; here is the answer from the post with Barry:

“I think good quality content that is fresh works well for me, breaking stories, finding new features or tips and even finding crazy bugs first. I also like posting polls because they attract links twice, once to get people to vote and then for them to see the results when they are posted. Finally, trending and news stories tend to rank fast and well, but die off later – but if they catch a wave, oh boy can they send in links.”


How to quickly identify websites that offer backlinks within your niche

Link Building

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Following on from my recent post about related backlinks - here are a few great methods on how to quickly find websites which offer backlinks and related backlink opportunities.

Before you set out trying to find these websites, you will need to define a keyword list – the Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a great place to start.

For the purpose of this post, I’m skipping the keyword research and I’m going to be concentrating on one keyterm ‘car dealers’.


6 quick tips on how to perform SEO for different languages, countries and search engines…

SEO World Flags

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Many businesses across the UK and abroad have customers based overseas in different countries, but you’re probably thinking how did they find these customers?

Targeting new customers through the major search engines can be a great way to do this, but,  how do you do this affectively using search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Here are my top 6 tips when SEOing for different languages, countries and search engines:


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