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SEO Question: I’ve read that a Google Penguin update is on its way – should I worry?

I was recently asked:

“I’ve read that a Google Penguin update is on its way – should I worry?”

To get to the point – I would advise that you only need to worry if you haven’t been following Google’s best practice guidelines.


Switching from HTTP to HTTPs – advice, tips and guides to ensure a smooth transition

As we all know, there are over 200+ SEO ranking signals. These range from:

  • Website load times
  • Quality content
  • Links pointing to a website
  • Website architecture
  • and many other signals…


10 useful Google Adwords guides for novices to advanced power users…

Google Adwords is a brilliant advertising platform.

In the UK alone 90% of the population ‘Google it’, with Adwords Ads always prominent within search results.


Mobile friendliness confirmed as a Google ranking signal – things to consider…

Finally! Google have confirmed that mobile sites will benefit within search results.

SEOs have known for some time that mobile friendliness is a ranking signal (Google Caffeine really was the start of this from a speed perspective) and its great to see it being confirmed by Google.


7 super Google Penguin 3.0 articles worth reading now (also includes my view)…

As Google confirmed, Penguin 3.0 was launched on the 17th October 2014.

This was welcome news for the search industry that have been waiting for over a year for a Penguin refresh.


SEO Question – How do you stay up-to-date with Google algorithm changes?

Recently I was asked:

How do you stay up-to-date with Google algorithm changes big and small?

This is a great question and I’ve a few different sources to share.


Warning! Cold callers pretending to be Google…

Google LogoThis is just a quick blog post to act as a warning to all businesses…

Recently I’ve heard one or two stories of companies cold calling businesses pretending to be Google.


Google Penguin 6 (aka Penguin 3.0) – my thoughts on what will be targeted next…

Moving in to 2014, there is something that all digital marketers are waiting for and that’s the next Penguin update.

Since April 2012 we have 5 updates in total:

  • Penguin 1: 24 April 2012
  • Penguin 2: 26 May 2012
  • Penguin 3: 5 October 2012
  • Penguin 4 (aka Penguin 2.0): 22 May 2013
  • Penguin 5 (aka Penguin 2.1): 4 October 2013


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