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Switching from HTTP to HTTPs – advice, tips and guides to ensure a smooth transition

As we all know, there are over 200+ SEO ranking signals. These range from:

  • Website load times
  • Quality content
  • Links pointing to a website
  • Website architecture
  • and many other signals…


To www, or not to www, that is the SEO question


Image from SXC.hu

I was recently asked, does it matter if I don’t use www and are there any benefits from a search engine optimisation point-of-view?

To be completely honest, I would say no, but there are a few things to consider when choosing to have the www vs. non-www.


Hyphens in URLs: Good or bad for SEO?


Image from SXC.hu

A long standing debate is whether or not hypens in domains are a good thing or a bad thing.

Below is an example of two alternatives:

http://www.yourcompanyname.co.uk or http://www.your-company-name.co.uk.

So what do the experts say?

Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz recently answered this question:


SEO Question: Does geotargeting in Google Webmaster Tools help?

Webmaster ToolsThis week we’ve had a great question around Google Webmaster Tools and geo-targeting:

“I’m running a website with the Webmaster Tool geo-location set to United States – but it was by mistake. I’m getting better rankings in Google.com compared to Google.co.uk and I’ve now set the country to United Kingdom.

I want to know will it affect the rankings on Google.co.uk, if yes, how long will it take and/or what should I do to achieve better ranking in Google.co.uk?”


6 quick tips on how to perform SEO for different languages, countries and search engines…

SEO World Flags

Image from SXC.hu

Many businesses across the UK and abroad have customers based overseas in different countries, but you’re probably thinking how did they find these customers?

Targeting new customers through the major search engines can be a great way to do this, but,  how do you do this affectively using search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Here are my top 6 tips when SEOing for different languages, countries and search engines:


Advice on starter hosting requirements

So, from time to time I get asked about hosting. From an SEO point of view this can be very important.

If you looking to take you’re product to the UK market, you’re best option is to have UK based hosting as Google can add extra weight on to you’re positioning in Google.co.uk.


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