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Do W3C validated websites help with SEO and better rankings in Google

Google W3CSEO consists of many different points on and off page. Looking for further methods to increase rankings, many have turned to the theory that validated to the W3C standard helps with Google rankings.

The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) was started in the early 90’s as an international community where members, full-time staff and the general public work together to develop better web protocols. These protocols include things like website code and cascading style sheets (CSS).


My top 10 tips for designing a Google/SEO friendly website

Google SearchSEO is not just about content, link building and social media, starting from the ground up you need to have a well structured website, with clean and simple code. The reason for this is because back in early 2010, Google introduced a new part to the ranking process with looks at the website speed and load time. Now I’m not talking about seconds, I’m talking milliseconds which make the difference.

Take a look at my top points below for building a Google friendly website.


Website structure and file/folder names for SEO

A regular question I get asked is “how important is my website structure and page names?” The simple answer is very important because it helps Google and the other search engines understand what the file or folder is about. Also you need to remember Google looks at file and folder names as a ranking factor.

Also, it’s a great way future proof your website by having it neatly arranged on the server, here’s a quick example:


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