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CRO Tips: 10 annoying website features to avoid which frustrate users and lower conversions…

CRO Tips

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Over the past few years I have worked closely with businesses to improve their conversions using conversion rate optimisation (CRO) techniques.

In that time I have seen some real clangers varying from simple to complex techniques and poor website usability.

Below are 10 annoying website features which in my opinion will harm overall conversions:


SEO Question: Does the ‘strong’ tag impact SEO?

SEO Strong TagSEO Question: Does the ‘strong’ tag impact search engine optimisation?

Great question, but the short answer is “no”. Back in 1996 it may have been a small contributing factor but not today.


The strong tag (aka the bold tag) does have another propose.

So lets say we have an article that’s quite wordy. We all know the average web user isn’t going to read it all so this is where the strong tag can be of used.


15 tips on how to create a “conversion” friendly website…

Conversion Friendly WebsiteNow you’ve got your SEO campaign running, it’s imperative that your website conveys the right messages, features and benefits about the company and products.

So, here are my top 15 tips on how to create a conversion friendly website:

1) Use white space; don’t clutter pages with images and text. Spacing elements out can really help, especially when it comes to conveying the right message.


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