Warning! Cold callers pretending to be Google…

Google LogoThis is just a quick blog post to act as a warning to all businesses…

Recently I’ve heard one or two stories of companies cold calling businesses pretending to be Google.

In fact, this has happened to one of my clients recently – the approach is very simple and they claim to be calling from Google Adwords.

They will go on to tell you that Adwords is performing badly and needs urgent attention.

After some investigation work, I found that it was a digital marketing agency based in the East Midlands, who are actually part of the Google Partner program, not Google themselves.

How do I know this is real and the client didn’t get confused, because it has actually happened to a family member of mine also and I took the call – they even proceeded to ask for login details!

To be clear, you may get a call from Google around Google Maps and verifying a Google+ Local listing, this is genuine – but a call saying your Adwords account is running badly and they need logins – Google will never do this.

Hope this help.

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