Bing Webmaster Tools – 5 great reasons why you should be using it as part of your search campaign…

I’ve been a long term user of Google Webmaster Tools. Along with Analytics, its a brilliant tool to gather further data and insights into your site.

But what about the other search engines? What other alternatives are there?

There are loads of paid website tools, like Moz and Raven which are both brilliant. But to get a good deep insight and use something similar to Google, you should seriously look at Bing Webmaster Tools.

Below are 5 parts of Bing Webmaster Tools you should be using today:

SEO Analyser

This is a great little tool to check you are following Bing SEO best practices.You can get instant reports that highlight on-page issues and also offers solutions and fixes.

Backlink Explorer

Great link analysis tool to do both site and competitor analysis. Reports are easy to follow and gives you another set of data to go at.

Site Activity

The site activity report gives you 5 helpful indicators around your site:

  • Clicks from search – the number of clicks your site receives from search
  • Visibility in search – the number of impressions your site receives from search
  • Pages crawled – the number of pages which the Bing search spider found in total
  • Crawl errors – the number of issues with the site when the search spiders last visited
  • Number of pages indexed – the total number of pages which have been indexed in Bing

Bing Disavow Tool

Like Google, even Bing search results have been manipulated over the years, so Bing have introduced a tool to disavow backlinks. You can read more about the Bing Disavow tool here.

Keyword Research Tool

A very basic tool which has a likeness to the old Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Some nice options are available including country, language, date range (good for seasonal keywords) and has a ‘strict’ feature to give more accurate search data, similar to broad and exact match keyword types.

and finally…

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always use Google Webmaster Tools, but to have a 2nd go to source which reports on very similar data is brilliant. This year I’ve utilised Bing Webmaster Tools much more and has helped uncover some hidden gems which has helped boost my exposure within Bing search results.

Do you use Bing Webmaster Tools? What do you think?

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