Basic SEO Link Factors

When the search engines look at the links that are pointing to your website they will look at the following factors:

Anchor Text (the text in the link) – This is the text that is describing the link which points to another website, so for example, when I start my SEO campaign on Dave Cain, you may come across links that will read “Freelance SEO” which will then point back (or click through) to my website.

User recognition of the website the link is coming fromA website that has a link pointing from it back to yours is a very good start with any SEO campaign. Lets say I had a link from another local SEO company back to Dave Cain, that would be very good for me, but if I had a link from the BBC News website, that would be a different story as Google recognises that the BBC News website as an authority website. This in turn would help greatly with rankings and the overall PR.

I’ve worked on websites that have been featured on the BBC News website and within days the website had gone up in rankings and sent well over 5,000 unique visitors to the site within 48 hours.

Page Content and Links – There are two factors to consider with this. One, is the content on the page relevant to the link, so if the page is talking about “how to make a cup of coffee” and has a link advertising SEO Services, the search engines may not add much value to the link as it is irrelevant. Secondly, if the content that surrounds the link is relevant this will then add more weight to the link.

So, as you can see it’s a very fine line where you need to get links from and placed on a webpage. There are many different link factors but the above are the basic areas that need addressing and put in place when starting any good link building campaign.

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