Do you get regular cheap link building emails? Here’s 5 reasons why you need to avoid them…

So we all get them in our inbox…

‘Greetings kind sir, we can offer Google penguin safe, one way link building and SEO’

Recently, someone said to me they might try one just to see what would happen in terms of rankings and SEO.

And I’ve know doubt, others have though the same, so if you have thought about it, here’s 5 reasons why you should avoid and forget.

Google Penguin

Top of my list has to be Google Penguin, as we know this targets low level links which are over optimised, manipulated and contain no value to users.

These types of links are easy to get but need to be highly avoided. I get many emails asking if I’d like to buy 1,000+ links and this is what most cheap link building campaigns will involve.

To be clear, they have no value and something which Google will penalise you for.

Quality vs quantity

Many people still have the though process of more is better – wrong!

Quality with all links needs to be the number one factor. Link building is a hard task to do well so quality rules here.

Most cheap link campaigns will use quantity, like the 1,000+ links example I have given above – avoid at all costs.

Control over links

By outsourcing your link building, you are giving control to someone else. You have to be  really sure on the outsources ability.

Outsourcing can be done well, and there are a few specialist companies that offer solutions around gaining links but all focus on the user, something which Google wants.

Cheap link building campaigns don’t focus on the user, its all short term results over longevity which is the wrong way to look at SEO.


SEO has changed a lot over the past 3 years and it’s really important that you recruit someone that is willing to invest time into your business and also knows SEO well.

SEO isn’t a short term process and takes time, commitment, planning, strategy and so on.

You can’t buy the above for £50, and you certainly wouldn’t pay an electrician to rewire your house for £50 would you?

Future algorithm updates

Lastly, cheap link builidng and SEO typically involves black hat and unethical techniques.

You’ve seriously got to consider what this would mean for you business in years to come. As Google have proven – goal posts, methods and techniques can change over night.

Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Caffeine are just a few prime examples of this.

and finally…

So before you jump into a link building campaign, please consider the above points.

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