6 digital marketing tools I’ve used a lot in 2014…

Daily I use some the leading digital marketing tools available. From Moz to Raven Tools, they really do make the difference when it comes to shaping an online marketing campaign.

Recently I was asked which tools do I prefer and favour, this got me thinking…

Over the past 3 months I must have used well over 30 free and paid tools and below I’ve listed my¬†top 6 social, PPC, SEO and UX tools I’ve used so far this year.


Tool summary: seo-browser.com lets you see how a search engine sees your website
Main use: Helps to determine if you have hidden content issues
Free or Paid? Both


Tool summary: A tool for viewing websites from different locations
Main use: Helps to understand if certain eCommerce parts of a website are displaying correctly based on IP and location
Free or Paid? Free

Mike’s Marketing Tools – AdWords Wrapper

Tool summary: Create phrase, exact and BMM keyword lists quicker for PPC campaigns
Main use: Builds keyword lists quicker over using spreadsheet formulas
Free or Paid? Free


Tool summary: Basic social media search and analysis tool for Twitter, blogs and so on
Main use: Great way to find new link and engagement opportunities
Free or Paid? Free


Tool summary: Desktop program used to crawl websites and reports back on on-page website issues related to SEO
Main use: Discover any on-site issues, for example, broken internal links
Free or Paid? Both


Tool summary: Understand how users are engaging and using a website to boost conversions
Main use: Used from a user experience (UX) point-of-view, can help to determine flaws with websites and webpages
Free or Paid? Paid

Do you have a favourite SEO tool? Leave your comments below.

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