14 brilliant #SEO articles I read in January 2016

Jan 16 has been a busy month with Google updates, new releases and many speculating about what will happen in 2016 with SEO.

In this post are a collection of articles I’ve read this past month and you should to.

1. 10 Must-Have Tools for Small Business SEO

2. 3 Super Simple SEO Strategies You Probably Forgot About by Neil Patel

3. Should PPC and SEO campaigns have different landing pages?

4. 10 Predictions for 2016 in SEO & Web Marketing

5. Google’s Recent Core Algorithm Change Could be Called the “Lead-Gen” Update

6. Study: Quality Backlinks & Comprehensive Content Are Still Biggest Factors In Google Rankings

7. SEO basics: 22 essentials you need for optimizing your site

8. What Is UX? Who Owns User Experience Optimization? What You Need to Know About SEO & User Satisfaction

9. SEO Website Redesign Checklist: Don’t Mess Up Your Site Traffic

10. Video: Google AMP Technical Detailed Overview

11. 9 Examples Of Link-Worthy Resources For E-Commerce Sites

12. Using Your Niche’s Demand Distribution Curve to Improve Your SEO, Social, and Content Strategy – Whiteboard Friday

13. Tool To Find Mixed Content Issues To Fix Your Broken HTTPS/SSL Lock

14. 43 Reasons SEOs Can’t Fear Change: 2016 Digital Marketing Predictions

And finally…

I also wanted to call out these two tweets, both are worth viewing…

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