10 super quick on-page SEO tips for Google

I’m absolutely 100% certain that if you mention Google to somebody they will know what it is, and with the big G commanding 85% UK market share and 70% worldwide share over the other search engines, it’s easy to see why.

Below you will find 10 super quick on-page SEO tips for Google:

Tip #1: Use no more than 66 characters maximum (including spaces) in the Meta title. I’ve found 60 or less works best.

Tip #2: Use no more than 3 – 5 keywords in the Meta keyword tag. 3 is optimum.

Tip #3: Use no more than 120 – 160 characters including spaces in the Meta description tag. I’ve found that 120 characters gains the best results.

Tip #4: Always include your main keywords or phrases in the Meta title and Meta description tags. This will give Google a very good indication on what the page is about.

Tip #5: Never use multi h1 and h2 tags. After experiments I’ve found this to be a difference between 1 and 2 places in Google.

Tip #6: Try to avoid using <br> tags for line breaks, always use <p> tags and get your keywords at the beginning of sentences/paragraphs.

Tip #7: Try to avoid using 10 or more images per web page, this can seriously slow down the load time and the customers user experience. Plus Google is putting a lot of emphasise on page speed as a ranking factor.

Tip #8: Use breadcrumbs for a good internal linking structure and defining what the page is about.

Tip #9: Work with a keyword density of 2% – 4% for optimum results.

Tip #10: Include sitemaps on every page of a website. This can help Google if they encounter any problems when trying to crawl a website.

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