10 digital marketing predictions for 2014 including SERP changes, on-page signals, Bing growth and the Google Dolphin update…

2013 was another big year for digital marketers. More Penguins, Pandas and a single Hummingbird was only the tip of the iceberg.

2014 will definitely be another big year for marketers, and Google have already released a new Google Webmaster Tools update.

In this post I’ve listed my 10 marketing predictions for 2014; some are safe, some a little more out there…

No 1. SERPs without organic results

Over the next 12 months, I believe we’ll see more search results that don’t contain the conventional 10 blue links. Google are really pushing the card layout design, image carousels, localisation, knowledge box and many other features – just check out this image from Moz.

No 2. On-page signals will have more weight

More technical, UX and shareable on-page signals will carry more weight, this considers mobile and tablet users more.

No 3. More creative Adwords ad placements

I think we’ll see Adwords ads on Google+ and see ads within organic search results. I believe Adwords growth this year will take another giant step.

No 4. CTR and engagement with SERPs will play more of a role

Looking at this post by SEO by the Sea, considering the updated data we have in Google Webmaster Tools and mobile growth, Google will push SERP interaction as a signal.

No 5. Video, audio and quality assets will become a greater signal

With video and audio becoming more accessible, not only on desktops, but smart devices as well Google will want to see companies take another step in becoming a ‘real’ company – think about the phrase ‘real company s**t stuff’

No 6. More Google+ integration with SERPs

Apart from Authorship, I believe we’ll start to see business logos appear within search results, one of the biggest challenges is defining Authorship for bigger brands.

No 7. Further Rich Snippet integration

Schema markup is a great way of showing further details within search results, I believe this will be defined further with new social elements and the like – here is an interesting article which touches on this

No 8. Aggressive Google Penguin updates

The Google Penguin update will get more aggressive and focus on things like social manipulation and guest blogging along with further targeting at legacy SEO techniques.

No 9. Bing will gain more market share (3-5% maximum)

All good search marketers don’t put all their eggs in one basket, and I truly believe we’ll start to see some more gains from Bing Search and Bing Ads

No 10. We’ll have another animal focused Google algorithm update

I’m going to put my neck on the line and suggest we may see an update called Google Dolphin which will work inline with Google Hummingbird.

Dolphins are:

  • very creative (real company stuff)
  • social (engagement)
  • streamlined (device)

Hopefully you can see my thought process here.

I’d like to suggest that we might have the Google Cat update, but I doubt that will happen!

Credits: Cat from wallibs.com | Penguins from SXC.hu | Dolphin from SXC.hu

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