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Pubcon 2015 – my top 5 must reads from this years event…

As many of you will know, they are some brilliant events in the digital marketing space.

One of those is Pubcon which is held yearly over in Las Vegas.

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Switching from HTTP to HTTPs – advice, tips and guides to ensure a smooth transition

As we all know, there are over 200+ SEO ranking signals. These range from:

  • Website load times
  • Quality content
  • Links pointing to a website
  • Website architecture
  • and many other signals…

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My top 5 Moz Whiteboard Friday videos of 2015 (so far)…

This is a super quick blog post, but a must read (and watch).

If you don’t already watch the Whiteboard Friday videos from Moz – you must!!!

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Interview with Dave Cain & Richard Betts of Bygott Biggs: The importance of digital marketing in the legal sector

I love sharing digital marketing tips and advice – as I’ve always said, I’d wish the digital industry would become more transparent.

Recently I agreed to be interviewed by Richard Betts of Bygott Biggs – a specialistĀ legal recruitment company based in Nottingham.

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Google gets a new logo… #LookingGood

Today was a big day for Google… a new Google logo was born.

To most this wouldn’t seem a big deal, but for one of the most recognisable global brands – this really is a big deal.

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Keep up-to-date with my digital marketing thoughts and what I’m reading…

Connect with meI’m an avid reader and love to keep update with the industry on a daily basis – as we all know, SEO is constantly evolving.

To stay up-to-date with the industry, what I’m reading and what my latest thoughts are, why not connect with me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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SEO and UX work hand in hand, so stop treating them as two separate entities…

So I’m going to get straight to the point – UX and SEO work together to improve rankings.

One of the things I’ve talked about many, many times is delivering a great experience for users, and one of the areas to focus on is user experience aka UX.

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10 useful Google Adwords guides for novices to advanced power users…

Google Adwords is a brilliant advertising platform.

In the UK alone 90% of the population ‘Google it’, with Adwords Ads always prominent within search results.

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Check out this post featuring me – “35 Experts Share Their Top Digital Marketing Tip For Start-Up Small Businesses”

As you all know, I love to give to the point advice around SEO, PPC and digital marketing in general.

Recently I asked by internet marketing company Add People:

“What is your 1 PPC tip for start-up businesses entering the online digital world?”

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15 digital marketing tweets from May 2015 worth reading and sharing…

TwitterMay 2015 was a brilliant month for insights, information sharing and more.

Just some of the areas and hot tops that were discussed include:

  • YouTube marketing
  • Goolge ‘Buy Now’ button
  • Google Analytics URL Tracking
  • Voice Search
  • On-Page SEO
  • and much moreā€¦

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